Freeze HTML table header

I am developing a reporting system using the classic ASP.  Most of the reports are displaying using HTML tables.  The table has 100 rows or 1000+ rows.  I had problem with the table header row.  If I place the table inside a <div> tag then header will also scroll hence while seeing the bottom rows users not able to find the columns.

So, to resolve the issue I did web search to find any tool available in the web to freeze the HTML table header. I got more results from the search.  But all the things are browser specific codes (like CSS and javascript)  and little difficult to implement. Hence I continued to search until get the right tool with all browser support and simpler to implement.
Finally I got a great tool to freeze the HTML header rows.

Visit the site Super Tables – HTML Tables with Fixed Headers to get the tool.

Its very simpler to integrate and supports for all major browsers.

This tool will helpful for large rows & column in the HTML tables.

Hope this will be useful to you 🙂


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